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Frequently Asked Question About Shopping on Halal Commerce

To guarantee customer satisfaction, we have outlined some of the most frequently asked questions you can utilize for your good shopping experience.

How To Register?
Creating a profile is easy just click on the "Register" button on the website.

What Payment Method Do You Offer?
The most popular payments are PayPal and Stripe, you can pay for the order with any debit or credit card.

Is Your Website Secure?
We take your security seriously, we offer PCI-compliant checkout that secured your data.

Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes, our platform seller does ship items internationally, check the "Seller Product Listing Policy" or contact them prior to placing an order by clicking the button "Message seller".

How to Request Return Order Item and Refunds?

ALERT: Prior Placing The Order Check Exchange and Returns Policy of the Seller.

Halal Commerce does not facilitate the return order, our seller is responsible for handling shipping,  and return. Please initiate your RMA request from your account, or contact the seller directly.
If RMA is approved by the seller, you can send the item from the original invoice address within 14 days (working days), and Refunds shall be issued within (7 working days by the seller)

How Do I Leave Feedback for a Seller?
Glad you asked, we always looking to improve our performance with the seller feedback.
1. Log into your account
2. Find the order, and select seller order
3. Click the "review" button and write your feedback and submit. All feedback will be monitored and approved by the webmaster. 

How To Dispute an Issue or Escalate Issue?
If you have issues as follows:
1. Seller didn't send the order
2. You ordered the wrong item
3. You didn't receive refunds on the returned item
4. Faulty Item. 

IMPORTANT: Due to Covid-19 policies, your exchange, and return policies are affected in some categories, you need to check seller policy prior to exchange, or return requests.
1. Beauty
2. Cosmetic 
3. Food
4. Clothing

Your main point of contact of Seller. However, IF, the seller and you cannot come to a resolution, you can escalate with our customer support, we will work with you and the seller to bring the best resolution. We cannot give a guarantee on refunds.

Is Your Site Secure?
We are dedicated to keeping all functions and features are operational, our site is run malware scanning 24/7, ensuring your shopping experience isn't compromised.

How To Report or Flag A Seller Or Product?
We are striving hard to keep our merchants best practiced, ethical manner, also a product we monitor the products much as possible, you can send us your report to the customer service department.

How Do I Contact Customer Support?
Important: Due to Covid-19 protocol, you may experience some delay, we will try our best to answer your inquiries within 24-36 hours by e-Mail. we appreciate your patience.

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