Style : Modern Disposable Plastic Salad Bowls with Airtight lids for Take out – Multipurpose Usage.  Material : Plastic Description : 50 sets of 32 oz. Comfy Package Crystal Clear Plastic Salad Bowls with Extreme-Airtight Lids - a  must for restaurant and catering take-out foods mentioned...
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Aromatic and Buttery The  Plain Mountain Sidr  (Kashmiri) is a brand of its own! This honey satisfies your taste buds with a heavenly taste, literally unlike any other honey in the world as it is very noticeable. That is also because of its' monofloral...
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Style: Single Compartments Clamshell Takeout Box [ (6 X 6 inch) 50 counts ]   Material: Eco -friendly plant fibers, recyclable bagasse .     Description: These single-compartment clamshell takeout boxes are made from eco-friendly plant fibers. In this offer, containers...
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Zamzam water is a holy water originating from a natural spring located in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This water is believed to have been created by the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) in the Islamic faith. Zamzam water is considered sacred and is used for religious purposes, such as...
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