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Legal Policies for Halal Commerce Canada Services and the Website Policy.

These legal agreements apply to users in Canada. All Halal Commerce Canada users must read and agree to the agreements in the column titled “Agreements for All Users., Sellers and service providers” In addition, if you are using any of the services listed in the other columns, you must read and agree to the applicable agreement(s). The legal agreements and policies above provide the terms and conditions related to the specific services that Halal Commerce offers.

Available Agreements:

For All Users

Privacy Policy & Cookies Policy
Term of Services - Website User
Term of service - All Buyers
Merchants & Service Provider

Privacy Policy for All Seller 
Term For Seller - Marketplace Platform Policy

Help Centre
FAQ - Seller
FAQ- Buyer

Note: From time to time we revise our policies to reflect the current terms and conditions of the marketplace activities and you will be notified by electronic communication of such changes.
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Last Update: August, 2022

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