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Halal Commerce Canada: Named One of the Ontario Most Influential Platform 2023

Assalamualaikum | Peace, Halal Commerce Canada Named One of the Top Canadian Startups and Ontario Most Influential Startup 2023" by Canada Venture.news Halal Commerce Canada Inc., a leading e-commerce Lifestyle startup, has been named one of the top Canadian startups 2nd selection of “Ontario Most Influential Startup Platform 2023” by...


Why Halal Impact Socio-Economy?

Bismillah, In the name of Allah, most merciful, most gracious. In a globalized world where cultures and economies intersect, the concept of Halal extends far beyond religious significance. Halal, which means "permissible" in Arabic, primarily relates to Islamic dietary laws, but its impact resonates in various aspects of socio-economy. This article...


Are Your Cosmetics Aligned with Your Personal Values?​

Salam | Greetings peace, Have you ever thought about the impact of your cosmetics on your personal values? Today, we'll uncover 3 secrets about Halal cosmetics that reflect your personal values. ✨ Secret #1 (Uncommon): Halal cosmetics ensure ethical treatment of animals. By choosing Halal products, you're taking one step closer to a...


Why Do Consumer Choose Halal Brand : Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Salam| Greetings peace, There are many reasons why consumers choose halal products, which are made with ingredients and methods that comply with Islamic law. Some of the main factors are: Religiosity: Consumers who have a strong religious belief and commitment are more likely to follow the halal guidelines and choose products that are certified as...


Halal Commerce Canada Top Canadian Startup ec0-Friendly to On Demand: Shopping

Top Canada Startup Winner - Ecommerce Shopping Halal Commerce Ethical Platform Canada Assalamualaikum| Peace, Bismillah; Halal Commerce Canada Named One of the Top Canadian Startups by CanadaVenture.news - Alhumdulillah (praise be to Allah) We are thrilled to announce that Halal Commerce Canada, has been named one of the top Canadian startups by...


Announcement: Halal Commerce Canada Incorporated

Assalamualaikum, Peace Bismillah ( in the name of Allah, most merciful, most gracious.) I'am pleased to announce Entity of Halal Commerce Canada have been registered Canadian Corporation as a Halal Commerce Canada Inc. previously was operated as a sole. Decision wasn't easy one, after years of complition of tax, laws, and activity policies, entity...


Seller Central - Subscription Plan Promo

Salam, Peace. We have position decision to give current and potential Seller using platform more affordable and no upfront cost for a limted time.  It's best time to test the water with us, expand your selling channel and learn to grow in halal ecommerce industry. How Long is the trial period of plan promo? It's expires on 31st March...


30 Days To Ramadan - Preparation for your business

Greetings peace, Assalamualaikum, 30 Days to Ramadan 2023 in Canada, let your business organize a time and schedules a product for listing. Here is the Ramadan Guide For Seller: Busiest season for dry food such as Dates, Honey, Sweet, and gifts. Ensure you have listed most wanted item by consumers at reasonable pricing and with fast delivery and...

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